How much is E and O Insurance for Real Estate Brokers

How much is e and o insurance for real estate brokers? Costs of errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents. Errors and omissions insurance for real estate companies costs roughly $55 per month, or $665 per year. Thus, this settles the subject of how much is e and o insurance for real estate brokers.

If you are interested in working in insurance, you need to know what is insurance broker in Georgia. It’s the one who advises on matters of insurance and arranges insurance coverage for a client. Brokers are experts in knowing their client’s needs. They provide the best coverage at the best price.  Regardless of the pandemic, it is expected that the insurance industry will be in need of insurance brokers. So, if you are looking to becoming an insurance agent or broker, now is a perfect time.

Insurance broker remains beneficial as they have broader access to the insurance market. They can easily acquire multiple price quotes that fit a client’s needs. However, once their clients select a policy, an insurance broker cannot bind the coverage to complete the sales. They have to let the Insurance Agents from a successful insurance agency take over from there.


E and O insurance for Real estate broker vs Insurance Broker – What is the requirement for an insurance broker

  • Firstly, get a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Then, secure an Internship or Traineeship
  • Thirdly, Insurance Broker License
  • Get a job with a brokerage firm for experience
  • Finally, get your Insurance Broker Certification

what is insurance broker
how much is e and o insurance for real estate brokers

What are the duties of an Insurance Broker vs E and O insurance for Real estate broker

Insurance broker have specific duties and responsibilities that distinguish them from Insurance Agents. The differences shall be discussed in a bit. For now, let us look at the key responsibilities of an insurance broker.

  • Firstly, devise marketing strategies to boost sales
  • Promotional activities for business development
  • Networking with clients and insurance companies
  • Perform all administrative tasks

Insurance Broker– Trustworthiness and Liability

Insurance brokers need to be honest, direct and open with their customers and carriers. Any kind of lie or fraud does not work well from a consumer’s point of view. Indeed, a consumer cannot sue the insurance carrier if he works through a broker. A broker is a single entity. Therefore, you cannot simply be held responsible. However, an insurance broker can be sued if

  • It distorts the nature, length, or scope of the report.
  • The insured specifically requests a certain type or level of coverage and the broker does not include it in the policy
  • You present yourself as an expert in a particular area of insurance.
  • The insurance broker lowers the coverage limits without the consent of the insured.

Agent VS E and O insurance for Real estate brokers – Who do you choose?

  • The first decision would be whether you want to work for the insurance company or for the clients. You can still advise and defend your client as an insurance agent, but in the end, you will work primarily for the insurance company.
  • As an agent, you choose captive or independent agents, while brokers don’t have to make those decisions.
  • As a broker, you must advise, advocate, and research the best insurance policy for your client, but you cannot tie up insurance coverage.

Furthermore, an agent can have the benefit from an agency management system and top-class insurance software. With insurance agency management systems, agents can manage their data easily and perform insurance processes without any hassle.

The job of an insurance broker goes hand in hand with hard work and integrity. It is also rewarding because there are good commissions on the transactions concluded. Furthermore, have a look at major differences in real estate agent vs insurance broker.

what is insurance broker